Can Pets Take CBD Oil Meant For Humans?

Any great pet owner knows that while some foods humans eat may be lethal to animals (like chocolate), other human foods may be useful to their pets. For instance, blueberries are great for dogs. Likewise, allergy relievers may also be helpful to both humans and dogs while human pain relievers could be lethal for dogs.

Due to this, some pet owners who are well aware of the alleged benefits of cannabidiol (CBD) for pets may have at some point wondered if they can give their pets CBD oil meant for humans. Since you are here, then we believe this question has also popped up in your mind.

Therefore, this article will be answering this big question. What you need to know before you use human CBD oil for your pets will also be discussed in this article.

Can My Pets Take Human CBD?

If you are a dog owner then the answer to this question is a big yes. Cannabidiol has been proven to work the same way for both dogs and humans. However, you must be certain that every other ingredient in the oil is okay for your dog’s consumption.

Despite this, we recommend that if you choose to give your pets CBD oil, you should stick to products that are intended for pets. This would ensure things stay simple. The only time we can advise that you give your dog your CBD oil is when you run out of oil for your pet; you could use yours for it before you get a new one.

Although you can give your dog human cannabidiol products, there are some important things that you have to know before you do this.

What is The Effect of Giving Dogs Humans CBD Oil?

Your dog would get the same effect you get from using cannabidiol since as we already stated, the product works the exact way in both dogs and humans. Biochemistry contemporary studies have shown that cannabidiol has about fifty different actions mechanisms.

What this means is that CBD works in about fifty ways in a mammalian body. You can visit here to learn more about the cannabidiol mechanism of action. Due to these numerous actions mechanisms, cannabidiol is also considered a multi-target remedy. What this means is that the product can target several areas simultaneously if the areas needing attention are many. For instance, cannabidiol can improve your dog’s mood while increasing its mobility and appetite all at once.

Humans and dogs both have endocannabinoid systems that allow the body to interact properly with cannabinoids like cannabidiol. This system has two receptors located in specific parts like the central nervous system and the immune system. Because dogs and humans both have this system, complete with the receptors, they can both interact properly with any form of cannabidiol.

What this means is that you could also use your pet’s CBD oil. However, you must note that while you can give your pet CBD oil meant for humans, you must be very careful with how you administer it. You do not share the same metabolism with your pet; therefore, the amount of cannabidiol you consume cannot be the same as that which you administer to your pet.

This brings us to the next question…

Cannabidiol Oil for dog

What Quantity of Human Cannabidiol Oil Can I Give a Pet?

Regardless of whether you give your pet human or pets CBD oil, you would need to calculate the amount you administer in the same way. The right dosage of cannabidiol for pets is determined by the animal’s body weight. You can find out more about the metabolic differences between dogs of varying sizes here. For instance, a grown golden retriever would take more dose than a Chihuahua would.

In the same way, the dose you give your pet will be smaller than the dose you use. The only exception to this is if you own a dog that has a bodyweight close to that of a grown human; for instance, a mastiff. In such a case, the dose you give the dog may be the same as the dose you take.

Therefore, to give your dog human CBD oil, you would need to measure its weight. Afterward, you would check the product’s label and find out the product’s CBD concentration level. If you have a quality product, the milligram contained inside the product will be listed on its label. You would then use this to calculate the right dosage for your dog.

Alternatively, you can make use of an online calculator to find out the right dose for your pet. You could also follow the directions below to calculate the dosage.

General Cannabidiol Oil Dosage Suggestion

  • 25 mm for each pound of weight. This dosage is considered regular and is often given for general wellness and health, slight digestive issues, minor discomfort, old age, and appetite stimulation.
  • 5 mm for each pound of weight. This dosage is rather strong and should be given for chronic or intense issues.


Most pet owners that give their dogs CBD oil would have at one point considered giving their pets CBD oil meant for humans. This has led many to ask if cannabidiol meant for people can be used for pets. As we have seen in this article, there is nothing wrong with giving your dog human cannabidiol oil. However, the dosage which would be given to the dog should not be the same as the dosage given to a person, as this may result in an overdose for the pet.


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