A Casino in Your Pocket

Thanks to the advancements in technology and the digital world we live in, we now, technically, can carry a casino around with us in our pockets.

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With a simple tap of an app, we can open the virtual doors to a casino full to the brim with games, ready and waiting to be tapped into action.

You can log on via your smartphone, tablet or any other compatible device connected to a reliable internet source, to play live casino games or computer-generated casino favourites. And, without a doubt, there’s something for every player on the virtual casino floor.

With this in mind, we wanted to look a little closer at one casino classic that’s well and truly stood the test of time, and the ever-changing world we live in. It’s evolved from a player favourite on the physical casino floor to a go-to on the virtual one also – we are, of course, talking about Roulette!


Roulette is known for its iconic wheel of chance which, believe it or not, was also created by chance when an experiment to create a perpetual motion machine failed, yet created the blueprints for the wheel we spin today.

Spin forward a few decades after it was introduced onto the floors of European casinos, two brothers – Francois and Louis Blanc – created a second variation of the wheel, which took the casino players of its time by storm.

The brothers wanted to entice players from rival casinos into their casino establishment, and so decided to offer something new – a Roulette wheel with only a single zero, no double zero. What the brothers didn’t know, was by doing this, they changed Roulette history forever.

The single variation of the game the Blanc brothers created is known today as European Roulette. This is due to the extent this variation took Europe by storm. With a lower house edge, more and more players across the countries wanted to get in on the action – however, this couldn’t be said for other places in the world, such as America.

When Roulette sailed the open waters and reached the shores of America, players weren’t too keen on the lower house edge, so they reintroduced the double zero elements. Today, the double zero variation of Roulette is known as American Roulette, due to its popularity in the states.

Roulette today

Thanks to modern technology, you’re now given the option on most casino provider sites to choose which variation of Roulette you wish to play. This allows players around the world to experience both variations, and see which one they prefer.

Not only this, but you also have the option to play a computer-generated game, or a live-streamed game from a specialist studio, straight to your device!

Now you know both variations are available online, will you be heading to your favourite casino provider site, or the casino in your pocket, to spin both an American and European Roulette wheel? Why not see which one best suits your gameplay needs?


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