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Candy Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Trailer Updates in 2023

Candy Season 2

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Candy season 2 is an American crime show. Viewers liked it. Candy is about Candy Montgomery, a housewife in the 1980s. Her actions beg for freedom even as she feels more and more pressure to fit in. She dies when people tell her to stop talking. 

Nick and Robin made candies. Jessica Biel, Pablo Schreiber, Melanie Lynskey, Timothy Simons, and Raul Esparza all play important roles. Candy season 1 has five episodes. The Fight, Overkill, Happy Wife, Happy Life, Cover Girl, and Happy Wife, Happy Life.

There should be five episodes in Candy season 2. No one knows how many episodes in Candy season 2. We’ll add anything new here. In February 2022, Candy season 1 was filmed in Decatur, Georgia. Michael Uppendahl, Jennifer Getzinger, Benjamin Semanoff, and Tara Nicole Weyr all took charge of an episode of Candy.

Elise Brown, Nick Antosca, Robin Veith, Brett Johnson, and David Matthews all helped. Nick Antosca, Robin Veith, Alex Hedlund, Jessica Biel, Michelle Purple, and Michael Uppendahl made it. Mitch Engel’s Candy. The episodes of Candy are 46 to 55 minutes long. It was put together by Iron Ocean, Boss Clown, 20th TV, UCP, and Eat the Cat. Candy was sold by both Disney and NBC Universal Syndication Studios. Hulu has Candy. There may be a Candy season 2.

What is Candy About?

Candy is a movie about a Texas housewife who has an affair with her best friend’s husband. It is based on the true story of Candy Montgomery. Candy passes away after being confronted by Betty about the relationship. The real-life murder that the story is based on happened in 1980 in a suburb of Dallas, which seems to be where the series takes place as well. “When the pressure of conformity builds up inside her, her actions scream for just a little bit of freedom,” says Hulu’s official description of the show.

It sounds like a lot of attention will be paid to how Candy’s mental health and relationships were affected by the culture of suburbia in the early 1980s. After she said she killed Betty in self-defense, the real Candy Montgomery was found not guilty of murder. Candy said that Betty confronted her about the affair and attacked her with an ax. This is the same as that Candy used to hit Betty 41 times. The show shows Candy’s version of what happened, it also leaves some questions about what really happened.

Maybe the verdict of “not guilty” is what keeps people interested in the case. Also this year, HBO Max is making a miniseries about Candy Montgomery. Love and Death is the name of that show. Elizabeth Olsen and Jesse Plemons will be in it.

Candy Season 2 Quick Info



No. of Seasons:


No Of Episode:

5 (season 1)




Robin Veith and Nick Antosca


Michael Uppendahl


Biography, Crime, Drama


Ariel Marx

Country of Origin:

United States

Origin Language: 


Available Languages: 


Next Season Release Date:

Not Yet Confirmed

Available On:


Candy Season 2 Release Date

No date has been set for Candy season 2 to come out. After Candy season 2 was announced, it seems like it will be confirmed soon. From May 9 to May 13, 2022, Hulu showed the Candy Season 1 of the show. Candy Season 2 of the show Candy should come out sometime in 2023. Maybe it will come out on Hulu, just like Candy season 1 did. Let’s wait and see what comes next.

Even though we don’t want to disappoint you, we don’t think there will be a Candy season 2. because it is mostly based on a real event. Candy season 1 gave us all the information, therefore there may not be anything new in Candy season 2. They might continue the plot where they left off, or they might begin the second season with a brand-new instance of the same type. We’ll update this post if we learn anything new about the Candy season 2 release date. Therefore, be sure to frequent this website.

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Is Candy Season 2 Happening?

No date has been set for candy season 2. There is no official word on whether or not Candy will return for a second season.

It looks like the show Candy will be getting a candy season 2 soon. Let’s see what happens next.

If we find out anything else about Candy season 2, we’ll add it here. So, make sure you visit this site a lot.

Candy Season 2 Plot

In the show, Candy Montgomery is a housewife and mother who lives in the 1980s. She did everything right, but her actions beg for some freedom at a time when she feels pressure to fit in. She’ll be fine as long as someone tells her to shut up.

Candy was made by Nick Antosca and Robin Veith. Jessica Biel and Pablo Schreiber are joined by Raul Esparza and Melanie Lynskey. Candy season 1 has five episodes, including Friday the 13th, Happy Wife, Happy Life, Overkill, and CoverGirl.

We think that Candy season 2 will have a total of five episodes. There is no set number of episodes for Candy season 2 yet. Please come back here to see if we’ve added anything new. Candy, a TV show, started making episodes in February 2022 in Decatur, Georgia.

Candy had episodes that were led by Michael Uppendahl, Jennifer Getzinger, Benjamin Semanoff, and Tara Nicole Weyr. The article was written by Nick Antosca, Elise Brown, Robin Veith, Brett Johnson, and David Matthews. The show was run by executive producers Robin Veith, Nick Antosca, Alex Hedlund, Jessica Biel, Michelle Purple, and Michael Uppendahl.

Candy was a huge hit. It was made by Mitch Engel. Between 46 and 55 minutes pass between each episode of Candy. This movie was made by Iron Ocean, Eat the Cat, Boss Clown Productions, 20th Television, and UCP.

NBC Universal Syndication Studios and Disney Platform Distribution were in charge of getting the candy to the stores. You can now stream Candy on Hulu. We’ll have to wait and see if Candy season 2 will be shown.

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Candy Season 2 Cast

See who will be in Candy season 2 below.

  • Jessica Biel as Candy Montgomery
  • Melanie Lynskey as Betty Gore
  • Justin Timberlake as Deputy Steve Deffibaugh
  • Jason Ritter as Deputy Denny Reese
  • Timothy Simons as Pat Montgomery
  • Jessie Mueller as Sherry Cleckler
  • Adam Bartley as Richard
  • Pablo Schreiber as Allan Gore
  • Raul Esparza as Don Crowder
  • Jose Miguel Vasquez as Lester Gayler
  • Jordan Patrick as Reverend Ron
  • Annie Cook as Mrs. Pomeroy
  • Rick Espaillat as Bob Pomeroy
  • Jack Landry as Tom Cleckler
  • Jaclyn White as Spectator Journalist News Reporter

Candy Season 2 Trailer Updates

People haven’t been able to see the trailer for Candy season 2 yet. After confirming that there will be Candy season 2, we expect that it will be out soon.

I hope you all enjoy this article. If you want to read more interesting, up-to-date articles, you can check out our website.

What is the Show Candy Based on?

For Hulu’s true crime show Candy, “Candy,” there was a lot of information to dig up. The people who made the show even hired Jim Atkinson and John Bloom, the reporters who wrote the book about Candy Montgomery’s story, Evidence of Love: A True Story of Passion and Death in the Suburbs, as consulting producers.

The story is based on their book in a lot of ways. But there was also a lot of information and papers from the real case to go through: Esparza told The List that he prepared for his role as Montgomery’s defense attorney by reading trial transcripts, looking at photos of the crime scene, and talking to people who were involved in the case.

Is ‘Candy’ Based on a True Story?

Candy is based on the shocking real-life murder of small-town housewife Betty Gore. In June 1980 in Wylie, Texas, friend Candy Montgomery stabbed her 41 times with an ax that was three feet long. Montgomery was having an affair with Betty’s husband, Allan Gore. When Betty confronted Candy about the affair, things got violent.

Police arrested Montgomery and charged her with murder. However, after an eight-day trial in October 1980, she was found not guilty because her lawyers argued that she had been acting in self-defense. And if you want to know where Candy Montgomery is right now, we’ll tell you.

How Many Episodes are in Candy Season 2?

Candy has a total of five episodes, which is less than most Hulu adaptations, which have between six and eight chapters.

The adaptation is also called a “miniseries,” which means that the story will be told and finished in one season. There won’t be Candy season 2 to continue the story.

Recently, Hulu has had a lot of true-crime dramas, like The Girl from Plainville and The Dropout, and now they have Candy.

How Many Episodes of Candy on Hulu are There?

Candy is a five-part miniseries. From Monday, May 9, to Friday, May 13, a new episode aired every day. (It’s ironic that Betty Gore died on Friday the 13th, which is a chilling link to the big finale.) Fans shouldn’t expect Candy season 2 because it is a limited series with a complete story.

Here’s how the show is put together. Each episode is between 45 and 55 minutes long.

  • 1st Episode: “Friday the 13th”
  • 2nd Episode: “Happy Wife Happy Life”
  • 3rd Episode: “Overkill” 
  • 4th Episode: “Cover Girl” 
  • 5th Episode: “The Fight”

Now, you can stream all five episodes of Candy on Hulu.

What Are Love and Death?

Even though Hulu did a good job of covering this shocking story, there is still more to come. Love and Death, a miniseries from HBO max, is going to be about the case and will come out later this year. Elizabeth Olsen played Candy, Jesse Plemons played Allan Gore, Patrick Fugit played Pat Montgomery, and Lily Rabe played Betty Gore. The movie was directed by Lesli Linka Glatter and written by David E. Kelley. No one knows if this one has Justin Timberlake with guests or not.

Where Can You Watch Candy?

Candy is a Hulu Original show that will only be available on Hulu starting May 9 in the US. If you want to watch the show, you will need to sign up for the streaming service. Hulu charges $6.99 per month for a subscription with ads and $12.99 per month for a subscription without ads. There is no information yet about whether or not Candy will be on Disney+, but we will let you know if anything changes.

Candy might be for you if you’ve been looking for another true crime story set in the early 1980s. This series could be a good way to see how many seemingly perfect suburbs hide a lot of pain and stress. It’s not only about Betty’s death, but also about how Candy and Betty were affected by and limited by the people around them.

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Is Candy Worth Watching?

So, should you watch Candy with Jessica Biel? The show has a current average score of 72.5%, which shows that it is worth watching. One thing to keep in mind is that the score from the audience (74%) is higher than the score from the critics. This shows that people who didn’t get paid to look at the project critically liked it more than those who did. One person on the site really liked the project, and like the critics, they talked about how well Biel did in it.

“WOW!! Just wonderful! Keeps you thinking! Again WOW!! Just WOW!! She really wowed me. It’s so beautiful to see Jessica as Candy. Her feelings, the way she looked, and how she acted! The show is so real, honest, natural, and sexy. I think that THIS SHOW MUST BE SEEN!, “the person writing.

Another user thought it was interesting, but they didn’t like the way it was shot.

“If the sun weren’t coming in through the windows during the movie, the whole screen would be black. Did they pay for any lighting effects for this play? The filming was terrible, but the story was interesting “they put words on paper.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Candy Season 2

Where Can I Watch Candy?

Candy is a TV show that you can watch on Hulu. You can go there to watch it. On Hulu, you can watch all of the episodes of the TV show Candy. Let’s wait and see what comes next.

Is Candy season 1 Available on Hulu?

You’ll have to watch “Candy” to find out what happens next and what Candy’s actions mean in real life. The first episode came out on Hulu on May 9, and the rest will come out every weeknight until the finale on May 13.

Was Candy renewed for Candy season 1?

Candy has not been picked up for a Candy season 2 yet.

Is Candy Candy based on a true story?

“Candy,” a drama on Hulu, is based on the life of a Texas housewife named Candy Montgomery. In 1980, Montgomery accuse of killing her friend Betty Gore with an ax, but she was later found not guilty. Here are the nine craziest things that happened in the new show and whether or not they were true.

What era is Candy based on?

Candy, one of the newest true crime streaming shows, is a whirlwind. And not just because of what it was about. Jessica Biel plays Candy Montgomery, a Texas woman who is accused of killing her friend Betty Gore (played by Melanie Lynskey) in 1980. The Hulu series has five episodes.

Will there be a Candy season 2?

That’s not likely at all. Candy was advertised as a miniseries, which usually means that it will only have Candy season 1. And since it was based on the real case of Candy Montgomery and Candy could only tell one story.

How many episodes will Candy have?

Candy is a five-part miniseries. From Monday, May 9, to Friday, May 13, a new episode aired every day.

Who did the music for candy?

Ariel Marx (Shiva Baby, The Tale, Rebel Hearts, To Dust, American Horror movies, Ted Bundy: Falling for a Killer, The Devil Has a Name) wrote the original music for the upcoming Hulu limited event series Candy.

Who wrote Candy for Hulu?

Three-time Emmy nominee Robin Veith (Mad Men) wrote the pilot script and executive produced it with Nick Antosca (The Act) and Alex Hedlund for Eat the Cat, Biel and Michelle Purple (The Sinner) for Iron Ocean, and pilot director Michael Uppendahl (Fargo). Consulting producers were Jim Atkinson and John Bloom.

How does Candy on Hulu end?

After 4 years of court, Pat and Candace got a divorce. Candace moved to a new place and, to everyone’s surprise, became a mental health counselor. “Candy” is a miniseries about a crime that will air in 2022. Robin Veith and Nick Antosca made it.

Is Candy a comedy?

Candy is an American biographical crime drama streaming TV limited series.

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