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Complete Ultimate Guide to Buy NNN Properties in 2023

There are many reasons real estate and property investors are looking for NNN properties to sell before taking a look at other properties. Net Lease Group’s Net Lease Group has helped many clients navigate the world of the real estate market and we’ve witnessed just how profitable NNN properties are.

This is a brief overview of the basic aspects of NNN properties available for sale however, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us directly if you need more detailed details.

What Are NNN Properties?

NNN Properties, often referred to by the name of “triple net lease properties,” are retail properties with a single tenant. Instead of the landlord being responsible for all financial costs associated with the property, an NNN property owner is accountable for the cost of taxes, insurance, and maintenance costs related to the house (in addition to the rent).

This shifts a substantial portion of the responsibility to the tenant and permits the landlord to avoid the middleman role for many financial obligations.

We advise some of our clients to take a look at nearby triple net homes available to be sold. Although these investments may not be ideal for each person’s financial goals they can be an excellent way to build your portfolio.

These properties are usually let out to people with excellent credit scores, which allows landlords to establish solid professional relationships with other reputable businesses within their region.

The Benefits of NNN Properties for Sale

NNN properties are beneficial for tenants and landlords alike. If you are a property owner and want to increase the value of their investments and expand their portfolio, NNN property can transfer the burden of smaller financial responsibility to the tenant.

They also tend to be a stable important factor in a property market that is always in change. Investors may discover that it is easier to secure financing when they look at NNN properties for sale.

NNN properties are often found to be less expensive than other types of property and this benefits the investor, and then flows down to the tenants. Tenants might find it easier to take care of their tasks of management instead of having to seek out the landlord for minor maintenance or insurance issues.

Since NNN properties usually have long lease terms and long lease periods, investors looking to purchase NNN properties are seeking stable streams of earnings. For an established retail business, this stability could permit more long-term planning.

Are NNN Properties the Right Investment for You?

Here at Avison Young, we believe that the investment strategy of each client is as individual in the same way as their clients. Certain clients opt to decide to make NNN properties the primary focus of their investment plans and others prefer to diversify their portfolios or diversify their portfolios.

A lot of property owners have found that NNN leases are a reliable and low-risk method of beginning an investment strategy that is long-term with a reliable tenant. If you think an NNN lease with a triple net could be a great investment in your property we’re more than willing to meet with you to discuss your goals for the future.

To learn more about NNN properties that are available or leased, contact Avison Young’s U.S. Capital Markets Net Lease world right now via (858) 999-7431.

How to Find NNN Properties for Sale

Certain websites let you look specifically for properties that have net leases, at minimum, some platforms permit users to search for properties that are likely to be subject to NNN leases in various ways.

With Reonomy You can browse through the property type, asset class, and tenant’s name to locate the perfect NNN property investments which are likely to be sold.

Reonomy Property and Tenant Search

There are five important options to think about if you’re using Reonomy to search for and locate NNN properties.

The first and most important thing to note is that you should be aware of the tab for tenants Tab lets you include filters to look up specific types of tenants and names of tenants.

Examples of tenant types could include NAICS or SIC identification codes like “Full-Service Restaurants,” or they could be specific entries, for example, just entering “restaurant.”

Names of tenants naturally will be the company as well as franchise names of the tenants at the specific property.

For those who want to look specifically for a McDonald’s, CVS, Dollar Tree, or something similar then you can type that in the Tenant search bar.

It is also possible to analyze every property you see to determine who the tenants currently are (without searching for particular tenants first).

In addition to your tenant search, you’ll have the option of adding a range of additional filters to aid in narrowing your search to a specific location or to a list of locations that you would like to consider.

Examples of NNN Property Searches on Reonomy

Apart from our McDonald’s / dunkin’ Donuts example from above There are plenty of options to find that next NNN property investment with Reonomy.

CVS NNN for Sale

NNN for sale maybe you’d like to only invest in CVS stores located in the Northeast. In this scenario, you should start by clicking the Tenant tab. Then, in the Tenant search bar, type in “CVS.”

NNN Properties for Sale in California

Let’s say you’re looking abroad. Perhaps you’re not searching for any specific brand, but are looking for an encapsulated geographic focus.

In this scenario, you could begin by creating a California location filter. For instance, let’s say that you only focus upon Oakland. Oakland commercial marketplace.

To do that, start by adding filters for the location for searching Oakland with various levels of detail. For instance, you could look only in the area in West Oakland.

From there, there are several choices.

You can keep searching to find assets that are freestanding, or search for NNN-specific tenant types, such as “restaurants,” “pharmacies,” and “department stores.”

It is also possible to just dive right into the specific properties

You could also search for NNN properties that could be sold inside the Opportunity Zones for maximum investment potential.

NNN Retail Properties for Sale

A different example is a case if you’re searching for retail property, but not necessarily in a specific market, but rather for any specific franchise.

In this scenario, you can make use of this asset type tab of Reonomy to find retail classified properties, as in any sub-classes that may be applicable (convenience stores automobile washes, department store restaurants, shopping center).

Apart from Reonomy in addition, you can access a myriad of for-sale websites that specialize in commercial real estate.



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