How do Games of Chance Work at an Online Casino in Canada? 

A big part of the appeal of online casino games in Canada comes from their unpredictable nature. Go to the best online Canadian casino, and spin a roulette wheel or a slot reel to see that any attempt at it can result in a rather large payout. While almost every casino game has a house edge, which means the casino is in the money in the long run, many Canadian gamblers keep checking how lucky they are. Many game results are random, but that doesn’t mean you can’t win something substantial. Based on the above, the main thing a player should be able to do is to get out in time when he/she is in the black. In land-based casinos, most games are random: the physical roulette wheel decides where it stops and the order in which the cards are dealt is also unpredictable. To replicate this randomness, online casinos use random number generators (RNG). In this post, we will talk about the RNG and the role it plays in a reliable real online casino.

How Casino Games for Chance Work?

Like a flip of a coin, physical packs of cards and roulette wheels have no memory. This means that the outcome of each spin of the roulette wheel is completely random and unpredictable. In games of chance, no subsequent game result is a consequence of the previous one. And to ensure the same randomness in online casino games, gaming studios use a special mathematical algorithm called RNG. Since neither the players nor the casinos know how RNG works, a lot of myths and legends regarding online casino games in Canada arise:

  • Online casinos cheat players. This myth arose because fraudulent casino websites dominated a few years ago. They used hacked RNGs to greatly increase the house’s advantage in games. Today, most Canadian online casinos use certified software with RNG passing regular inspections by independent companies. To choose a fair online casino, check a few important things like license, game providers, payment options, and customer support.
  • Online slots can be “hot” and “cold”. Some players have noticed that if a slot doesn’t pay for a long time, it will soon generate a big win. Thus, a “hot” slot is commonly referred to as a slot machine that is about to pay out pretty good winnings. Playing at King Billy, the best online casino for Canadian players according to user reviews, you will be dealing with certified games with RNG working correctly.
  • Online casinos are always a winner. This is partly true, as almost every online casino game has a house edge. But by playing short gaming sessions, you can hit a winning streak and walk away with a big profit. 

To overcome the casino’s advantage in the short term, you need to play games based on a correctly working RNG. Find out about the casino’s average payout percentage before you sign up. The average payout percentage in King Billy games is over 96%, indicating that all game results are random. So, to be sure of the fairness of the gaming results, you first need to sign up with the best online Canadian casino using a reliable RNG.

Importance of the RNG for Online Casinos

In fair competition, online casinos do not have many options to choose from to attract players’ attention. Any mistake could result in the operator losing the credibility of the players forever. Each player who comes to a casino online to play real money games wants the game results to be fair and random. That is why major gaming portals such as King Billy use only quality software with a proven RNG. 


A reliable online casino in Canada is licensed by a regulator such as the MGA, UKGC, and others. Having a license means that the casino platform undergoes a mandatory audit several times a year. During the audit, independent experts check many things including the correctness of the RNG. Successful passing of the audit is confirmed by a certificate, which the operators prefer to display on the casino website.

No Fraud

RNG can play into the hands of players who were able to figure out the pattern. The first RNGs used a fairly simple random number generation pattern, and clever players were able to figure it out. To avoid serious losses, operators use advanced RNG algorithms which are almost impossible to crack. 

Every Player Can Check the RNG

This does not mean that you will have access to the RNG software code. Many online casinos allow you to indirectly test RNG for correctness by playing online slots and some table games in demo mode. The only difference between the risk-free mode and the real one is that you use fake money to bet. Otherwise, it works the same with the same RNG.

Live Casino as an Alternative to the RNG

Even after reading the above, there will be some players who are skeptical of the RNG-based games available at an online casino in Canada. It makes sense, as an RNG is a black box, you never know what’s going on inside. In 2006, Evolution Gaming introduced a brand-new gaming concept with games running without the RNG. In King Billy’s gaming catalog, you will find numerous versions of live roulette, blackjack, baccarat and other games played from the provider’s studio. Playing these games allows you to interact remotely with physical chips, tables, and real croupiers. The concept dramatically increases the credibility of online casino games since you can see everything going on at the gaming table in real-time. If for any reason you don’t trust RNG-based games, you can try your hand at their Live Dealer counterparts.

Closing Thoughts

Now you know what RNG is and how online casino games work. You don’t need to know all that to enjoy gambling entertainment. By choosing a reliable online casino, you won’t have to think about such things, as the honesty of any game result will be beyond doubt.

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