The Top 7 Best Casino Movies 

We all love the thrill of a movie that’s jam-packed with action, but add the adrenaline that gambling brings and it’s taken to a whole other level. Casino movies have been around even before the color film – and they still stand the test of time. 

Here, we will break down some of the greatest casino movies of all time, from classics to blockbusters. So prepare the popcorn, make that sofa comfortable, and get ready to binge some truly entertaining and pulse-racing films. 

Rain Man (1988)

We thought we would start strong – with the highest-grossing film of that year. Starring Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise (two stars that were at a galactic level of fame in the eighties), it’s about Charlie, a greedy car businessman, who abducts his autistic brother Raymond and attempts to persuade him to give up their late father’s estate. Don’t worry though, it is a feel-good movie, especially the blackjack scene between the two brothers. 

The Gambler (1974)

I guess it’s pretty clear we have a penchant for the oldies, but only because these really are some great casino films. This film is a little darker, so only watch it when you want to explore the flaws of humanity. The Gambler happened, believe it or not. The script was centered on James Toback’s personal gambling tendencies, which might explain why he’s been accused of so many indiscretions. His character is harsh, immature, misogynistic, and gambling-obsessed. However, turning that into a film was a risk that paid off.

Casino Royale (2006)

No list would be complete without a Bond movie – the danger, the thrills, the brooding 007 that will leave you shaken and stirred. Dr. No has a Baccarat scenario that is a favorite in the greatest  James Bond movie scenes ever made;  In Diamonds Are Forever, Sean Connery is charming and alluring at the Craps table. But, if we’re going to include a more recent Bond movie, it has to be Casino Royale, which has Bond (Daniel Craig) competing in a poker game against Le Chiffre, a frightening adversary.

Casino (1995)

A bit out of left-field and not really about casinos or even gambling, but totally worth it. Director Martin Scorsese creates a world that allows for the character study of human behavior, led by two quirky performers in the leading roles – Robert de Niro and Joe Pesci. It’s a thrilling story that is constructed carefully and a definite must-see. 

Oceans Eleven (2001)

Now some may argue this isn’t really a gambling movie, but we beg to differ. There’s Sin City, slot machines, poker, and a whole lot of gambling money. There’s sure to be one character that will become your favorite, and Danny Ocean will have you rooting for him even though technically he is a criminal. Plus, it’s kind of a risk to try and rob three casinos, yes?

Uncut Gems (2020)

Finally, new(ish) release! But be warned. It’s a bit of a downer for gamblers new to the betting scene, although a great watch. In the Safdie Brothers’ dramatic satire about a jeweler (Adam Sandler), Kevin Garnett, and the mob, betting has never looked more tragically futile. The whole city appears to mirror Sandler’s down-on-his-luck, out-of-options mindset; New York becomes a frenzied monster filled with bookmakers, pathetic losers, and loud chaos. 

The Hustler (1961)

We promised you a classic – don’t say we didn’t deliver. There’s something romantic about black and white movies – it harkens back to a simpler time when life was freer and less complicated – but the hustlers were still hustlin’! However, human emotions were still as complex as ever. This 1961 blockbuster has it all: pool games, fancy shots, enormous stakes, and  Paul Newman who is much too cool for school. It has a mournful undertone to it though – no matter how good Fast Eddie is at the pool, and how many trick shots he can achieve, there’s always something more he is searching for. A powerful metaphor for those who are never content with what they have. 

Feeling like you want to try your luck? Playing at a real money online casino can also be a cinematic experience – with the intense 3D graphics and animations, not to mention the TV and movie genres available at the slot machines. Good Luck!

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Vinod Gill is a writer who specializes in writing content on Insurance and Finance subjects. He is a Digital Marketing Consultant, Blogger, and Co-Founder of Digital Marketing Company in Jaipur.

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