The idea of the hairstyle from the Red Festival of Cannes Film Festival

Published: 30/12/2018 Views: 1 856
The idea of the hairstyle from the Red Festival of Cannes Film Festival

The Cannes Film Festival of 2018 is over, but we can use the ceremony's photos in practical terms. We present you the top 8 hairstyle that you will find for different occasions.

Kristen Stewart
Option 1

Kristen may be the beauty of the skin of the year 2018. The actor was getting the original image every day and even assured us that the short hair can do much. At the opening of the ceremony, Stewart's hairstyle can be replayed independently, although it can be a source of inspiration. The hair should be divided into three parts, the front side will be covered, and on the pages it is adjusted by iron pins. The little hair in the back is the final, memorable detail.

ქეით ბლანშეტი

The jury's bob hairstyle stylist overcame the one side, and the other side is attached to iron pins. Simple, elegant, original and minimalistic practice - a wonderful option for evening events.

Bella Hadidi

Bella Homes needs hair remedies for the sake of the hair. First of all, the hair should be thin and tied to gel and oil. Emphasize the left hair that kicks off from Kos - the academic hairstyle gives the impression of lightness.

Kristien Stiuart
Opetion Second

Visualize the podium trend, wet hair - Apply a lot of gel or jelly and give the desired shape. Christine's stylist did not throw her hair in and shake her entire hair.

Stella Maxivelli

Stella's experiment was performed by tail. You can repeat this original construction independently. Divide the hair into two parts so that the effect of the baffle is formed and the ends of both ends join the initial center. Fix small iron pants.

Natasha Polli

Simple but amazingly elegant. In this case the hairstyle should be ideal for the best - correctly separated and broken hair should not feel the chaos with unnecessary hair strokes.

Lea Saidu

Another option for "wet hair" effect. In this case, the hair is divided into one and the effect of the cap. Most importantly, the short hair is also very good.

Kristen Stewart
Option 3

You do not have main distribution and formation, the main thing is to do a lot of metal clamps. Give yourself the possibility of fantasy - make it linear, zigzag or according to any form. But before you drop it.