How to repeat the main trends of lip makeup

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How to repeat the main trends of lip makeup

5 Spring Trends and
They need products

During the past seasons, the Visagezists paid much attention to the eyes and the skin. As it turned out, the lips returned to play! Presents the styles, effects and beauty products and the secrets they create.


The makeup presented in a gamma is the best way to lose time on choosing powder and nipple colors. In order to make the image harmonious, use one universal product: it's not just light, but the result will coincide.

What you'll need: "Chanel" for lips and cheeks Gel has a Rouge Coco Lip Blush, which is pretty lighter. The novelty performs not only a decorative function. Mimosa and coconut oils moisturize and lubricates the lips. Turn the contour with the part. For the effect of natural powder, 3 drops are enough: put your finger on the ends and circular motions. After 1 minute,

How to repeat: Rouge Coco Lip Blush has a convenient application for fast and accurate replacement. Cover the lips on the flat side, the saturation effect becomes velvety.

Glass lips

Korean Trend "Glass Skin" / Glass Skin We'll show you on the "Lips on Glass" option. Ideally smooth, like a mirror and hydrated. A new wave of lip gloss made specifically for them.

What you'll need: Lip Dior Addict Lacquer Plump dior offers three color options: classic beige, neon and glitter.

How to repeat: Blues "naked" on the lips or on the nipple. You will get a more bright color.

Effect of "slices on the lips"

Visageists love to create the effect of "scars lips"; Inaccurate Contour looks awesome on the podium. In a real life, such makeup is unattractive and uncomfortable. The new option of non-regular make-up is the effect of "slices on your lips", as if after dinner, do not rub the lipstick.

What you'll need: Dolce Garden's new collection of dolce gabbana's 3 new tones of lipstick appeared. They do not shine and they are different bonuses. We have a velvety, metallic fruity, a dark mug. Trends are similar to the new trend.

How to repeat: Use a lipstick brush or finger from the lip contour to the center and leave it unattached.


On the current season we make a choice of light textures and natural tones. The nipple should not change the natural color of the lip, but also to strengthen it.

What you'll need: ArtDeco's moisturizing lipstick Hydra Care Lipstick, which is responsible for three-dimensional effect. The pigments in it give the lip color, nourish and volume.

How to repeat: Choose a color that covers your lips as much as possible and keep them thin.

Holographic effect

If you are not ready to kiss your beloved heroes, mermaids and unicorns, get a fabulous light.

What you will need: Misslyn's new Holo Mania collection is a holographic effect. This is not only a creamy lipstick but also highlander. Not only can you chew it but you can also lip the lips. The cream becomes powdered and easily flavored. In practical format, you can ride it everywhere.

How to repeat: To achieve the effect of rainbow effect, select the parts of the highlighted face, apply it on the lips and cheeks. Use lip blues for double accents.