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Discover All the Possibilities of Beastars Season 3 [Latest Updates 2023]

Beastars Season 3

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Beastars season 3 is a popular drama and fantasy anime series that was first broadcast in 2019. The anime is inspired by the manga series by Paru Itagaki that began broadcasting in 2016. The renowned manga by The Beatstars has been awarded the Eleventh Manga Taisho Award.

The Twenty-Second Tezuka Osamu Cultural Award, the Twenty-First Japan Media Arts Festival Award, and the Forty-Second Kodansha Manga Award. It is a translation of a manga that is as popular as its anime. 

We also analyzed the previous season of the anime, which was renewed for a Beastars season 2 despite not surprising us with its result. Now, for the prospective Beastars season 3, we will share our current knowledge. Studio Orange created Beastars, a platform-based game that has gained worldwide recognition. Additionally, we recognize the studio from Houseki No Kuni, one of 2017’s most popular anime series. The Beastars season 2 of the anime first aired on local broadcasters Fuji TV (+ Ultra), TNC, KTV, THK, UHB, BS Fuji from January to March 2021, and it will be available on Netflix in July 2021. So, will there be a Beastars season 3 of the anime? Has Netflix renewed the series already?

What is Beastars About?

Beastars depicts a civilized animal world in which various species coexist, but there is an unspoken conflict between herbivores and carnivores. However, issues arise when they slay Tem the alpaca at school. His friend, the wolf Legoshi, becomes entangled in the circumstances surrounding his friend’s death, as well as his complex feelings regarding his true nature and his emotions for Haru, the rabbit. His companion Louis is the drama club secretary at Cherryton Academy.

The Beastars season 2, based on the Weekly Shonen Champion manga, depicts the next narrative arc in which the All-Organism Council establishes the qualifications for the next Beastar as someone who can solve Tem’s murder. Louis goes to Shisgigumi to work after shockingly fleeing the school. The duel between Legoshi and Louis opened the door to complications for Legoshi that affected his relationship with Haru.

Legoshi confronts Tem’s murderer and defeats Riz. The series concludes with some intriguing developments that have set the stage for Beastars season 3.

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Beastars Season 3 Quick Info



No. of Seasons:


No Of Episode:

24 (season 1-2)



Written by: 

Nanami Higuchi


Shin’ichi Matsumi


Animation, Crime, Drama, Fantasy

Voiced by:

Chikahiro Kobayashi, Jonah Scott, Lara Jill Miller


Orange, TOHO animation


Satoru Kōsaki

Country of Origin:


Origin Language: 

Japanese, English

Available Languages: 


Next Season Release Date:

Not Yet Confirmed

Available On:

Fuji TV (+Ultra), Netflix

Beastars Season 3 Release Date

The final season of the popular Netflix anime series Beastars will premiere in 2024, according to an announcement posted on the series’ official website on September 7, 2022.

In addition to the official Twitter accounts of Studio Orange and Netflix Anime, the statement was also published in the 41st issue of Weekly Shounen Champion.

Followers were quick to note the changes in wording on the website, as well as the Netflix Japan Anime post stating that “BEASTARS: Final Season is scheduled to be distributed exclusively worldwide.” This final season may be a Netflix exclusive, unlike the first two seasons, which were first broadcast on Japanese television before being streamed on Netflix. 

Along with Orange, the principal production personnel from the first two seasons, including director Shinichi Matsumi and scriptwriter Nanami Higuchi, will return to ensure the continuation of the same high-quality CGI work and story. The announcements did not include a specific date or anime season, but this article will be updated once they are confirmed and posted.

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Beastars Season 3 Expected Plot

The rumours about Studio Orange and Netflix releasing the Beastars season 3 are already circulating. We may investigate Legoshi’s life choice regarding whether or not he wishes to continue attending education. Additionally, they may cast light on his romantic life and his relationship with Haru. There is a possibility that Louis, Haru, and Jack will accompany Legoshi on his adventure.

There is a strong possibility that the Beastars season 3 will introduce several new characters, such as Yahya. If the anime series follows the manga, Louise and Legoshi will likely need to come to terms with their Father Figure. As they continue to work towards bridging the gap between herbivores and carnivores, their voyage will be filled with a vast array of excitement and danger.

Who is in The Voice Cast of Beastars? 

  • Chikahiro Kobayashi as Legoshi
  • Jonah Scott as Legoshi
  • Lara Jill Miller as Haru
  • Griffin Puatu as Louis
  • Yuki Ono as Louis
  • Fukushi Ochiai as Sanou
  • Kyle Hebert as Kai
  • Lauren Landa as Juno
  • Sayumi Watabe as Els
  • Bryce Papenbrook  as Kibi, and more.

Beastars Season 3 Trailer Updates

No release date has been specified for the official Beastars Season 3 trailer. The season premiere is anticipated within the next few months, so we’re keeping our fingers crossed that a trailer will also be available within the next few months. While fans await the release of the trailer, they can view the teaser for the Beastars season 2 that has been posted on YouTube.

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Beastars Reviews

Beastars was based on Paru Itagaki’s award-winning manga of the same name. This unexpected “furry tale” defied the odds by becoming one of the most popular and controversial animes in recent memory, thanks to its mature themes and CGI animation, despite initial criticism from critics.

Not only was the story well-received by fans and critics, but the stunning CGI was also highly praised, with some citing Beastars as one of the finest examples of the much-maligned anime subgenre. 

Fans were therefore ecstatic to discover that the studio will resume production where it left off. Despite the fact that 2024 may seem too far away, Orange will have ample time to construct a memorable final season for Beastars. Fans also have ample time to revisit the first two seasons on Netflix after two years.

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Beastars season 3 is a famous anime series by Paru Itagaki that has won fans over with its unique plot, beautiful animation, and well-rounded characters. The Beastars season 3 is likely to come out at the end of 2023 or the beginning of 2024. It will be based on the manga’s “Meteor Festival” arc, which ends badly for the main characters.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Beastars Season 3

How many episodes will Season 3 have?

Each of the first two seasons of Beastars had 12 episodes. We think there will be about 24 shows, though, because the anime needs to cover the rest of the source material.

We also think that the Beastars season 3 will have two parts. Part one will have 12 episodes and cover the Interspecies Relations Arc. Then, we expect part 2 to come out at a later time. It will have 12 more shows and cover the last part of the story, called “Revenge of the Love Failure.”

Where to watch Beastars 3?

Beastars is very popular with fans, and the first season of the show came out on Fuji TV in 2019. But later, Netflix bought the rights to it, and now both seasons, season 1 and season 2, are available on Netflix.

Soon, Studio Orange and Netflix will put out Beastars season 3, which will be on Netflix.

Is Beastars worth watching?

Upon Studio Orange’s announcement of the anime based on the civil society of anthropomorphic animals, there was considerable interest. However, after the premiere of the first season, viewers are eager to see the mystery unfold. We should praise the series for its compelling content and remarkable characters.

So far, Beastars has received favourable reviews, and fans can only hope for the same from Beastars season 3, for which they are avidly waiting.

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How many manga chapters will season 3 cover?

Approximately 100 of the manga’s 196 total chapters have thus far been covered by the anime series. That leaves 96 chapters remaining.

The Interspecies Relations Arc spans manga chapters 100 to 123, so we anticipate that the first half of Beastars season 3 will at the very least encompass the entire arc. The remaining episodes should conclude Beastars’ “Revenge of the Love Failure.”

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