Take Breaks at Work

How to Encourage a Happy Workplace?

Focus on Career Development

The market continues to evolve on a constant basis. In order to be successful means that you need to embrace change. Having a long successful career is no longer about doing the same things and staying in the same role for your entire career. What is does mean is understanding individual passions, strengths, and skills and finding the best way to apply them to answer the market’s needs and strengthen the company. HR can provide the necessary support to gain access to training and coaching for transitioning into the careers that will fit our changing world the best.

The more time you invest in giving opportunities to employees to continue to grow and learn the more valued they will feel. Rather than limiting growth opportunities and career development to only employees who show high potential and your senior employees, you should invest in your rank and file staff as well. Perhaps, give rewards such as phone allowance for employees that are performing well. This action will lead to greater employee engagement, which increases retention and helps create a more positive overall workplace.

The following are three effective ways that career development can be encouraged:

Provide managers with training in coaching skills. What coaching does is focus on growth instead of a traditional results approach. It focuses on using the passions and skills of employees to maximize satisfaction and positively impact both the organization and the individual.

Provide cross-training and mentoring programs. Those programs promote company connections and closer relationships, while at the same time enhancing positive impact, opportunities, and skills.

Encourage employees to continue to develop their skills through shadowing and networking opportunities. Shadowing and networking are similar to mentoring experiences and offer cross-department collaboration in addition to individual development.

Help Bring People Together

Whenever employees are able to make personal connections with their managers, teammates, and co-workers, it provides them with a true sense of belonging which results in higher engagement. Whenever managers stay holed up in their offices and interact with employees only to talk about work-related issues, people start feeling disconnected and dehumanized. Make help available so employees feel that should they feel stressed or anxious they can seek advice.

The coaching skills that we previously discussed – where the focus is on asking questions instead of just giving answers – can help managers connect on a more personal level with employees.

When people are able to engage personally with others they are much happier. Incorporate this level of engagement into your corporate culture. Along with making connections between managers and employees, the following are three things that can be done to help employees connect with one another.

Host all-company events that bring different levels and departments together. Promote virtual donut meetings where employees drink coffee or eat donuts and talk about personal things like their next vacation or their children. 

Encourage employees to take breaks with their peers. There was a story in the New York Times a while back that showed that employees who took their cigarette breaks together were happier and more effective. It wasn’t the nicotine that did it but talking with their fellow co-workers. Following a break, employees were more productive, more creative, and more refreshed. Encourage employees to quit smoking but keep their breaks. Don’t worry about productivity being lost due to breaks. They will make up for this time with increased engagement and energy. 

Make Contributions To The Greater Good

In addition to employees completing the tasks that are associated with their individual jobs, they also want to feel like their work has a purpose and they are contributing in some way to something greater. This need can be met by philanthropic pursuits, and also provide another outlet to bring people together from various levels and areas within the company. Individuals can share their talent, like providing a non-profit with graphic design or business analysis, running a marathon to raise money, or sort goods at a food bank.  

Encourage employees to offer suggestions or start committees for philanthropy projects that can contribute to a cause they are passionate about.  Provide time off to employees who volunteer.

Making an investment in employees can yield very high returns. When a few selected steps are taken it can reward the company with increased levels of performance, engagement, and energy. So what is the first step that you are going to take?

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Side Hustle Ideas in 2020

Best Side Hustle Ideas for 2020

Let’s face it, we’d all like to have a little extra in our bank accounts. Having that extra padded accounts provides security and relieves stress we all need. The only question is, how do you make some money on the side and supplement your full-time gig? Whether it’s launching your own startup or landing a side-job, here are the top five side hustle ideas for 2020.

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Start a blog

If you take a look around the web, you’ll see that more and more people are starting their own blogs. 2020 is the perfect time to jump the wagon and become a blogger yourself. It might feel like there’s no space for new bloggers online but the truth is, it’s almost impossible to create the number of content users now want. It’s just that they enjoy reading posts written from a personal perspective and they often feel they can connect with bloggers. The best part of it is that setting up your own blog is now easier than it ever was. There are platforms such as WordPress that deal with the technical side of it for you, allowing you to fully focus on content creation. Once you attract enough readers, you can start selling ad space and promote brands in your posts.

Sell stuff on eBay

Sometimes, it’s difficult to commit to side hustle when you already work a full-time job. Luckily, you can always just sell stuff on eBay and try to supplement your income by doing so. You can set your own schedule and use your free time to browse the site for bargains and try to resell them at a higher price. If you need some money to begin with, you can always go through the stuff you have in your attic and find a few things you can list. In order to succeed as an eBay trader, you’ll need to learn a few tips and tricks that have proven to be effective when selling stuff. For example, try to make your auctions end on Sunday evenings as that’s when most people are online. Investing in a good camera and taking quality pictures of your items is also an amazing idea.

Spin slots

Slot games have always been extremely popular and the emergence of iGaming websites helped them attract even more players. Now you can spin these things from the comfort of your own home and make money along the way. Slot games available today are extremely fun and can help you relieve stress after a long day at work. iGaming providers have also realized how important mobile devices at the moment and they’ve optimized their website for mobile users. This means you can spin slots even while watching TV or riding in public transport. Not to mention that there’s a variety of games you can choose from. Just check out Paddy Power games and find the ones you like the best. With a little bit of skill and luck, increasing your income should become a real piece of cake. Plus, you’ll get to have fun while doing so.

Become a social media manager

We’re all guilty of spending too much time on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. These things may have been designed for staying in touch with your friends and family but nowadays, they’re also used for marketing. Every brand is on social media, but not all of them can afford to hire an in-house social media manager. Instead, they turn to people who work from home and manage social media pages as a side-job. Helping businesses manage their pages isn’t tough and as long as you know how each of these platforms works, you shouldn’t have anything to worry about. If you manage to build a personal brand by doing so, you’ll soon start landing more and more clients. If you need some inspiration, just take a look at Matt Nelson, the founder of WeRateDogs and what he did with his personal brand.

Launch a podcast

As long as you can create a regular audience for your show, starting a podcast can be a very lucrative idea. Although blogs are still extremely popular, there’s an increased need for content in different formats and audio one of them. What people love the most about podcasts is that they can listen to them while commuting, doing house chores, and looking after the little ones. Starting a podcast may feel a bit difficult, but as long as you can afford basic audio equipment you should have nothing to worry about. What new podcasters usually struggle the most with is attracting guests. You can try to approach local experts or celebrities on social media and see if they’d be ready to join you in your show. Once the podcast hits off, you can start advertising products and services in it.

The bottom line

These are just some of the best side hustle ideas you can consider in 2020. Identify the one that suits your skills, and you can start making more money right away.

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Outdoor Sports for Kids

4 Best Outdoor Sports for Kids

It used to be that youngsters would get back from school, change into their sweats, and run back outside to play until the sun went down. In any case, these days, there are a few TV channels, PC games, and natural Web goals that keep kids required for a seriously long time. This leaves enormous quantities of the present adolescents feeling wonderfully content contributing their free vitality sitting still. We used to talk about kids and use words like “balls” and “bounce ropes” – today we’re comparatively inclined to use words like “weight,” “coronary sickness,” “hypertension,” and “diabetes.” So, in what manner may we get our kids up and moving again? Here are a few popular outside games for kids and the focal points they offer the present children.


Kids couldn’t imagine anything better than to appreciate all the fun that accompanies having a trampoline in the back nursery. What’s more, even a large portion of us grown-ups can’t avoid this fun since it’s additionally a method for holding with our little ones while likewise consuming a few calories in a progressively pleasant manner. Trampolines for kids come in different sizes, plans, and costs and this gives one the opportunity to investigate the different choices and purchase what suits them best. In order to select the best trampolines for your kids, you must go through trampolines review.


It has been more than a century now, youngsters and young women have grown up aching for being baseball players. Why not dismiss your children from on schedule? Kids as young as 5 can make sense of how to play T-ball. Starting now and into the foreseeable future, it’s on to softball and a short time later hardball (additionally called baseball). 

Most close by baseball teams are a bit of the national Little League Baseball affiliation. Believe it or not, right around 3 million youngsters in America today between the ages of 5 and 18 participate in Little League. The length of the Little League season depends upon the bit of the country you live in, anyway in numerous zones it’s around a fourth of a year-long and runs in the spring or summer.


Soccer may give off an impression of being a development that is logically notable in various bits of the world, yet it’s extremely one of the most by and large messed around in America today. The U.S. Youth Soccer Organization was set up in 1974 with a humble 100,000 enrolled players. Today, there are more than 3 million. 

Most soccer bunches are a bit of a local piece of the U.S. Youth Soccer Organization. Youngsters as energetic as 4 years old can take an intrigue – yet with a more diminutive ball and on a more diminutive field than progressively prepared children. In addition, soccer’s brisk pace empowers it to hold the thought of youngsters who may as a rule get depleted playing various games.

Inline skating:

Inline skating is one of the most outstanding activities among kids today. Regardless, before you hurl with alarm at the possibility of your adolescent falling onto hard strong, you ought to understand that there are security gauges you can buy from skates.co.uk to ensure your child while he goes running around on skates.

Youngsters who have well-made motor capacities can start inline skating at as energetic as 4 or 5 years. If your child has all the earmarks of being excited about inline skating, you ought to at first take him for an activity with a specialist. Clearly, guarantee your child is wearing all the most ideal gear when he goes to his first exercise. These consolidate ahead defender, elbow pads, knee pads, and wristwatches. His skates should in like manner have brakes.

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