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Australia Tightens Gambling Laws

Gambling and Australian RTG casinos are becoming increasingly popular. But since there is no single law regulating this issue in Australia, the topic is not fully understood by many. Well, now let’s talk about the laws that apply in Australia.

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Gambling Laws

It has come to light that not so long ago Australia introduced new restrictions on gambling advertisements during sporting events. Based on this rule, broadcasters are not allowed to show gambling advertisements during live broadcasts. This restriction also applies for 5 minutes before and after the start of the games. The purpose of this law is to restrict minors from advertising and promoting online gambling. The list of companies that must comply with these requirements includes radio stations, advertising companies, and pay-TV channels. It is also expected that this law will soon be adopted and extended to online services.

But there are a few exceptions to this law. For example, horse racing does not have to follow these rules. It also allows the advertising of state-sponsored lotteries. Also, subscription channels with a small number of subscribers may safely operate outside of these rules. After all, these channels are designed for a niche audience that is interested in competitions. Also, these channels do not have many underage subscribers, so they do not pose a big threat to them.

Paid broadcasts are also exempt from these restrictions. After all, the logic goes like this: those who are willing to pay money for channels are initially prepared to watch advertising in any format at all. And that is why this type of broadcasting is not subject to this legislation.

History of Law

The history of this law is as follows. Back in 2016, the Gambling Amendment was approved by the Australian Parliament. This amendment attempted to ban many types of online gambling, such as poker, for example. This law does not provide any methods of dealing with offshore gambling companies.

A legislative amendment bill was then introduced in December 2017 to introduce rules that would regulate advertising by those gambling companies in Australia that remained in that country’s market.  Thereafter, all the companies interested in changing this project have taken up the challenge of implementing these changes, but each to their advantage.

Media companies sought permission to show gambling advertisements every two hours in a program that lasted more than two hours. Unfortunately, this attempt was not successful. But they succeeded in obtaining permission to show such advertisements during the long breaks.

This 2017 bill was approved by the Senate on 27 March. And the very next day it was passed by the House of Representatives.

But if you do like to play online games you needn’t get frustrated. There are plenty of offshore casinos in Australia that everyone is allowed to play. It’s also worth noting that from a legal point of view, you as the players will not have any problems. if you just want to play your favorite online games.

Many other online casinos accept players from all over the world, including Australia. So even though this country has tougher rules and laws regarding online gaming, there are still options and chances to find other online casinos that will be accessible to all. You can find out more about this by following the link that is listed at the beginning of our article. There you will find a list of all the online casinos available to Australian residents. So go on over, find out more and if you’re happy with the terms and conditions, play some interesting games and win different prizes.

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