Apps for Pro PC Gamers that is must-have in 2021

It is a no-brainer that gaming is an integral part of human lives these days. This hobby can be perfect entertainment, but it also comes with social, recreational, competitive, and other elements that take your gaming experience to the next level. And if you want to get the most out of it, it is time to answer the question: “What apps should I install on my new gaming PC?” From communication platforms to must-have tools, these 7 apps for gamers are really necessary.


 There is no doubt that voice chat for online gaming is an indispensable feature that can make your experience more varied. Nevertheless, for several years, finding a convenient, reliable, and most importantly, free solution has been a real challenge. Most platforms required the user to subscribe or provide a large amount of personal data.

 Fortunately, the situation is different today. First, Discord is free gaming software. Secondly, each user can choose a comfortable version for himself, whether it is a browser extension, a stand-alone desktop program, or a mobile application.

Discord is a great choice for you if you want:

     invite other gamers to your channel using a link;

     an application with a truly seamless interface;

     free hosting;

     presence of a guest account;

     a large selection of servers depending on interests.


What should every PC Gamer have? Whatever your goals and interests are, you’ll definitely appreciate a virtual private network for Windows that hides your own IP address and replaces it with the address of the server that is located somewhere else. It will be a good choice to use VeePN each time when you connect to the Internet since it comes with numerous benefits for gamers. You can:

     unblock games that are open for limited regions only;

     play without limitations whatever country you’re traveling to;

     access Xbox Live и PSN Exclusives regardless of your current locations;

     reduce ping times and latency;

     play multiplayer games;

     protect your personal data;

     complete ISP throttling.

Start with a trial to find out how this tool will work for you. There is a free version that will help you to get the big picture with fewer hurdles.


We are willing to bet that most gamers associate this word with live broadcasts. If you are one of them, you will truly be surprised that even gamers who do not watch any streams can appreciate the benefits of this program along with VPN download for PC.

First of all, it is worth mentioning the presence of game add-ons, as well as the function of managing overlays. This is made possible by the integration with CurseForge. In other words, the application serves as the central hub that provides mod management for any game. Whether you are a fan of World of Warcraft or Minecraft, or other gaming apps for PC, you will definitely appreciate it. 

Of course, the social functions of the desktop application cannot be ignored either. Twitch comes with video chat, friend lists, and community hosting. Obviously, the developers keep abreast and are constantly adding new features to delight users. However, it is also necessary to ensure that your Internet connection is absolutely secure whether you’re using Twitch for streaming or any other purpose. Install a VPN app for PC to protect yourself.

MSI Afterburner


What if just playing games is no longer enough for you? As you progress in this hobby, you will, of course, think about how to make your computer more productive. Yes, VPN for Windows 10 cares about your privacy, but if you want to overclock your graphics card and access your GPU settings, you will need a little more. And answering your “

Which app is best for gaming?” question, we offer you to try the MSI Afterburner.

The main thing is, before installing the program, make sure that the overclocking of the video card is provided for by the technical characteristics of your computer.

Once installed, you’ll also have access to scan tools, detailed views, temperature monitoring, and custom fan settings. Get the most out of your computer for real pleasure from the game.


Needless to say, how popular game streaming is today. Regardless of your gaming preferences, the opportunity to spend time with friends online, playing local co-op games will give you real pleasure.

Parsec is a free cloud gaming platform that you can use for streaming or multiplayer games. Even if not all members of your group have the game installed on their computer, the main thing is that it should be installed on the main PC. What else is important is a VPN download for PC because it is able to:

     reduce lagging and ping;

     bypass restrictions related to regional availability or locally blocked content;

     work on game consoles;

     guarantee confidentiality and protection against middleman attacks;

     enhance security.

Undoubtedly, Parsec, together with a reliable VPN for Windows 10 will open the door to the world of new gaming opportunities. 

OBS Studio

Software for recording games and audio is not new, as it is obvious that many gamers need this feature. But if you’re looking for the best free option available, give OBS Studio a try.

What we love about OBS Studio software for gamers is that it is constantly updated, and you regularly get access to improvements and new features. This application is pretty popular, so you can easily find a clear setup guide. And you definitely shouldn’t worry about file sizes. In general, if you are thinking about streaming or you just need to record a game for some purpose, you have a solution now. 

Piriform CCleaner

If you care about the security of your computer and the Internet connection, you install a VPN app for PC. If you care about the cleanliness of your device, you definitely need the Piriform CCleaner. This utility helps you get rid of files and various bits of digital junk that affect your computer’s productivity. Even if it works well enough right now, you shouldn’t load up free space if you don’t want to watch your “game friend” run slower and slower. 

This application automatically removes temporary files, identifies programs that you do not need, and gets rid of corrupted Windows registry entries. Just customize it to make sure it doesn’t delete sensitive information like your passwords.

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