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Tuesday, November 29, 2022


Growing Up with Animals Makes Children More Sociable

The doctor in Anthrozoology Paula Calvo believes that "children who live with pets" are more empathetic and more balanced. Paula...

One in 300 Dogs and Cats may Develop Diabetes

Middle-aged and older dogs are the most susceptible to developing the diabetes. Approximately one in 300 dogs and cats develop...

Pet Dogs Help Social-Emotional Development in Young Children

Young children in homes with dogs have better social and emotional well-being than those who do not live with...

Dogs can Understand Consequences of Own Actions

The dogs can recognize their own body as an obstacle and understand the consequences of their own actions, according...

Tips to Beginners: How to Maintain a Clean Fish Tank?

Proper cycling is the most difficult part of setting a fish tank. Once cycling process gets complete you can...