Georgian Enamel - Marta's Jewellery
Jewellery maker natia Areladze presented her new Enamel works for Marta's Jewellery. Georgian artist choose motives from Svanetis religious icons. MY LAMARYA - its how svani people call godmother, and that's the name of collection.
Brown hair is back!
Brown hair is back in Fashion!
it all goes back to naturals, so if you're natural brunette - lucky you!
modern french girls showed us how to style hair in lazy manner, and we all loved this eternal image.
Cocoa, Chocolate, Brown Sugar, Chestnut, Cinnamon, Honey colored - call it as you like, find your shade and most importantly take care of your hair's health, bleaching to platinium blonde and mixing in pink and grey hues surely done enough "trendy" damage.
bright Yellow and wet Pink eyeshadows

bright Yellow and wet Pink eyeshadows
are trending thanks to Margot Robbie, Rihanna and other daring celebrities. tecnique is quite simple, make-up artists suggest to perfectly even face tone and under-eye area, and then try and experiment with colors and textures!