Beyoncé and Jazey's new clip was made in empty Louvre
The creators of the event "Night Museum" are already able to present a new video of carter's own couple in the presentation of their own project. Currently, Jays and Beyonce are in the world tour. Some time ago, the couple made a sensational announcement at the concert in London: they first released a common album entitled Everything Is Love!
And now the singers made us wonder with a new video - the song Apeshit was directed by Ricky Giesel's Museum, at the Louvre Museum in Paris.

Similarly, they have already done: In 2014 the couple closed the legendary museum for individual viewing.
What do you wear models between fashion weekdays?
In the fashion industry, autumn fever is drained and all the feasibility of the world is attracted to fashion towns. From New York to London, from London to Milan. Well-known designers successfully replace each other with new spring coals.
The main heroes of the podium are in a comfortable and everyday attire before the show begins.