TREND: animal prints on accessories
Fashion trends are changing with the speed of lightning, and today many factors affect the trend. The most important factor is how fashionable girls and influencers are, how they will come up and present at the instrument and the street style photographers. The designers send their clothes, accessories and jewelry as gifts as soon as the end of the show .. After all,

One of the following trends in the fall of 2018: Animal prints on accessories Which is presented in the form of small size bags, also high-quality boots and belts by imitation of leopard and snake leather.
Isabel Marant SPRING 2019 RTW
Isabel MarantThe summer collection of the summer of 2019 was held outside the silver curtain in Paris's fashion week, along with the Bohemian-Shik designer's collection and testimony. On the podium we saw marine-cloth jackets, jackets, pants, shawls shoes, silver shorts and shimmering wax stripes, as well as combs and wide trousers in eastern style.