Which tendencies returned to Paris
Street Style at Paris FW
Part one

The streets of Paris are observed trends that were roughly ten years ago. Recently fashioned Paris fashion week, a fashionable society with colored dresses, classic woven jackets, wide-sized sweaters, vintage bags and glazed pants, with simple monotonous "ballets" and glittering subtleties. We are well aware of that Everything is newly forgotten old. The return of these vintage-style items teaches a significant resurgence, and their new clothes will be more original and attractive.
Grace Kelly
Complete style 6 secret
On November 12, 85 years will be one of the most beautiful films of the world cinematography. Remember, things have created such an unforgettable and brilliant.
Directed by Alfred Hitchcock
He did not hide the reason why Greys was chosen from others: "He's like a volcano under the snow, it's a hottest passion behind her cold, it's much more interesting than just a sexy woman." Her passion knew her place. Grace was incredibly loved and had a very passionate personal life. Sometimes during the shooting, he had a romance with several partners. Unlike other actors he had a sense of tact and tact and a sense of dignity that he did not have to make a personal university. Not because he hid something from his adventures, just did not act on it and remained the ideal lady's ideal for many worshipers.
6 trends in the fall season, which will change your wardrobe
For the autumn season, there is always a special preparation in the fashion world, this period is beautifully dressed and offers many novelties and challenges. Presented items will occupy a decisive place in your wardrobe and put a modern emphasis on each seal.

Stylists dictate that we can immediately buy or tie up online: go-down bottom lines, sexy corset, leather or vinyl jacket, high-powered straight pad boots, tuxica bags and stick to satin flakes!