Shrimps SPRING 2019 RTW
British designer Hannah Viland brand Shrimps is very popular among young people. Shrimps's 2019 summer collection preserves the unchanging brand: artificial fur coats, repeats the variants of the antioxidant bag with "bisers" that are blossomed with flowers, and the brand has a high rate of sales since 2015 and the brand does not stop production. The collection is very personal for the designer, the theme of flowers and paintings originates from his childhood memories.
Burberry SPRING 2019 RTW
Ricardo Tishim has brought under the Burberry's umbrella all generations - writes VOGUE. "The mother and the daughter, the father and the son, it's like a patchwork or a mix of the British lifestyle," describes herself as a fashion designer for the summer of 2019, where she presented women and men's clothes. The collection was distinguished by the abundance of accessories and jewelry, the London Fashion Week saw up to 140 hatches on the podium, presented by the world's leading top and veteran models of British lights. The queen of British and Evening Party queens have found her favorite, followed by young, conservative thinking and traditions following the free style of seals.
No. 21 : SPRING 2019 RTW
Alessandro Del Auja presented a refined, restrained and maximally minimalist collection for the summer of 2019. With just a few tons and a few types of material composed by the collection, the vestiges of the garment were repeated in several variations. The No 21 Collection is designed for an adult woman, who finds her dress and repeats it several times and a few colors.